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Sahel P
11th May 2022
Well arranged
Jordyn W
10th May 2022
The course was great!

Zara, was extremely professional and was very helpful with all of our extra questions.

There was a incident with an other attendee who was extremely racist. Zara handled this extremely professionally and was able to shut this behaviour down quickly and move on. On the surface she was calm and collected, though this must have been upsetting as it was for those of us watching. Happy to provide any other evidence if needed.

Thanks again for another great course, I always highly recommend workplace first aid to everyone!!
Kyle H
10th May 2022
Johnny led us through the course at a good pace. I understood what I was supposed to do. I learnt many good acronyms and the deeper understanding of how to save people was explained well. Also now I am more confident in doing CPR. Teaching this course will save many lives that otherwise would be lost.
Mackenzie C
10th May 2022
was good
Gracelia C
10th May 2022
the course was very well planned and instructions were given clearly so that we knew exactly what to do. the intructors were very friendly and made it easy to ask questions
Griffin T
10th May 2022
Good course to do
Jack N
10th May 2022
The instructors were verry patient and educational
Quaid R
10th May 2022
Wil V
10th May 2022
Was good
Hayley H
10th May 2022
It was really great.
Zaheer K
10th May 2022
it was great
Markus H
9th May 2022
The course was as expected from a first aid course. The positive difference to any other first aid was the instructor of this course, Richie. He truly is an amazing and inspiring instructor. His level of knowledge and competence, combined with his sophisticated communication skills and his incredible professionalism made this first aid course a valuable and memorable experience.
Lauren C
5th May 2022
It was a really good course to do and I definitely learnt a lot
Hannah G
2nd May 2022
Bex was a great instructor.
Bridget M
2nd May 2022
Great course that was well presented and engaging.
Vesna N
29th April 2022
Great course with very enthusiastic, dynamic and very knowledgable facilitator. It was the time very well spent as I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Highly recommended.
Moana V
29th April 2022
The course was a fantastic not only I get to refresh but learned new skills and knowledge about being a first aid responder. I like how Billy delivered and carried out the whole course teaching. Well done and many thanks.
Lilli T
29th April 2022
It went well.
Hayley P
29th April 2022
it was a really good cores with lots of information and it was good with doing lots of scenarios and actually practising rather Than lots of writing
Brita T
28th April 2022
Great practical elements.
Jane P
28th April 2022
good interaction with class
Zack R
27th April 2022
It was good
Maddison S
26th April 2022
The course was great! It would be nice to be able to work together as a whole group though.
Jackson W
23rd April 2022
Well run good content
Sydnee K
22nd April 2022
great fun learnt lots
Ella H
22nd April 2022
it was very helpful and learning first aid there was easy
Kevin M
19th April 2022
Course was good and went at a good pace. Ricki was very professional, friendly in his presentation and approachable throughout.
Harrison P
13th April 2022
Really enjoyable
Millie M
13th April 2022
It was very fun but also learnt a lot.
Sydney S
13th April 2022
This course was amazing, I felt very included in the fact that you gave us the opportunity to answer questions and be part of a demonstration. It had a good mix of theory type work and practical.
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