Foundation First Aid Certificate (Workplace First Aid)

Our Foundation First Aid Certificate (Workplace First Aid Course) is recommended for low-risk workplaces and designed for people who do not need to obtain the 6400 unit standard (Manage first aid in an emergency situation) which is covered in our New Zealand First Aid Certificate (Comprehensive First Aid Course).

New Zealand First Aid Certificate (Comprehensive First Aid)

This course is the “Comprehensive Programme” for your worksite or those requiring first aid training for study or future employment. With a required online component pre-course component, the rest of the course is all hands-on and practical, utilising scenarios to enhance learning. It will give you skills, knowledge and confidence when providing first aid.

Outdoor First Aid

Assess and manage an emergency care situation during an outdoor recreation activity.

Provide Basic Emergency Care (Previously known as Pre-Hospital Emergency Care PHEC)

An advanced, progressive and innovative course, Provide Basic Emergency Care provides you with the skills and knowledge required to provide immediate and advanced first aid assistance.

Secondary School's Students and Teachers

Our Comprehensive First Aid Course is the course your students need to attend to assist them with future study enrollment or employment requirements. Give your students a head start while they are at school.

Revalidation Courses

This course allows you to refresh your first aid knowledge and skills, ensuring they’re up to date and relevant.

Online Refresher Course with Pre-Course learning and Zoom Practical

This Refresher First Aid Course has been created in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are the preferred first aid provider for: