Revalidation Courses

This course allows you to refresh your first aid knowledge and skills, ensuring they’re up-to-date and relevant. A refresher/ Revalidation course can be undertaken if you have completed a Workplace First Aid or Full New Zealand First Aid ( Comprehensive) certificate, and outdoor or Advanced First Aid course and your certificate has not expired. Certificates are valid for 2 years; see below. Please allow up to 4 hours to complete your pre-course online learning. The refresher course is available as part of all full First Aid courses and runs from 9 am - 1pm.

Pre-requisite: You must hold a current Comprehensive First Aid qualification (6402, 6401, 6400) or Workplace First Aid qualification (6402, 6401), either from us or from another provider.

Please NOTE: There is a three month grace period from your certificates expiry date to complete your revalidation course.


Courses you can attend to renew your certificate are:

Foundation First Aid Certificate

New Zealand First Aid Certificate

Outdoor First Aid

Electrical Workers First Aid

Provide Basic Emergency Care First Aid (Previousley know as Pre-Hospital Emergency Care) (P.H.E.C.)

Revalidation Courses training locations
We are the preferred first aid provider for: